ProfessionalPhotoJustin Perspective is a video production company located in Portland Oregon. The company is owned and operated by Justin Brown. A man of many talents with a background in fine arts and theater, Justin has a knack for video production and business organization and development.  With a network of industry professionals in combination with his “Anything Possible” motto, Justin has proved he’s on course to carve a niche in the industry of film and video production.

Justin graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2005 and moved back to Portland Oregon where he worked on independent films as a production assistant and volunteered with local public access channels.  While pursuing a bachelor of arts degree in management and leadership at Portland State University, Justin volunteered for 3 months as a camera operator and editor with a student media organization called PSU Television (www.psu.tv). He was quickly recognized for his dedication, received a paying job, and in just 10 months Justin was hired on as manager of the student media organization.  

From creating business plans, organizational development efforts, and staff and volunteer management to learning to navigate large bureaucratic systems such as Portland State University, Justin found himself communicating with a variety of people within the local community, whom sat on boards, committees, and were vital the future success of the organization.  

Networking with specialists in their field, simplifying the complex, making things happen, and having fun in the process… Justin realized what had to be done. After running an organization with 40+ staff and volunteers, with over $30,000 worth of assets, and a budget to be responsible for, Justin was ready to move onto bigger challenges as an entrepreneur offering quality video production services!

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